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Cars get old and their color fades pretty rapidly. I know that my car, even after only a few years, does not look new and shiny anymore. It’s rather disappointing, and I wish that there was an inexpensive way to get my car looking like new again. However, getting your car detailed is often really expensive and time consuming. I do not have the time or the extra transportation to get my car detailed, since I have to get to work every day. Spending the money is also not worth it, even though it would make a great impression on people and possible employers if my car looked nice. Many car detailing products that you can apply yourself also wash off in only a few weeks, so spending the money and time on applying those is not worth it as well. This is when I discovered a product online called Wipe New, and it is supposed to polish your car and restore the shining look it once had when it was brand new without washing off right away. I decided it would be a good idea to look more into the product, and below is all of the information that I found in my research.

The Product

Wipe New is a product that will restore the color and luster of any car, according to the producer. The new look is supposed to last much longer than the look that other restoring products give your car, so your money will not have been wasted and your car’s color will not fade in just a few weeks. It is also supposed to last through many car washes, which is often the problem of competing products. You apply Wipe New with the provided rags and detail kit, and then wait for the product to dry, and that seems like a simple process. You can also use it for the inside of your car, so that every inch of your car can be treated to look like new again. You only have to apply the product once over the surface of your car, so it shouldn’t be as time consuming as other products that require multiple coats. Wipe New can also be used on other surfaces, such as RVs, motorcycles, and boats. The producer claims that this makes the product versatile, which is an added bonus.

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Customer Reviews

The reviews I have found regarding Wipe New sound pretty good. Many customers are happy with the product. This is what one customer said about Wipe New,

“Just used the small bottle of wipe new on my 2007 Chevy HHR and what a difference this stuff has made. I cleaned all the plastic interior parts with 409 cleaner and dried them with a cotton towel. Applied the wipe new and the surfaces just popped!”

This customer was certainly happy with the results that the Wipe New provided. Another customer said,

“I used Wipe New on the black plastic trim on my 2003 Chevy silverado. So far it has worked far better than back to black. If it lasts as long as it is supposed to , it is worth its weight in gold. I only used 1/4 of the bottle for all the black plastic trim on a 4 door long bed pickup. It took the ugly grayish plastic back to the black factory look.”

This customer also liked what Wipe New made his car look like. These reviews do prove that the Wipe New producer is not lying about what the product does for the look of cars. Apparently, many professional car detailers also use this product when treating their customers’ cars. When professionals use a product, it usually means that the product is of high quality, since they want their customers to be happy with the work that they do to their cars. However, some customers are complaining about the same thing regarding Wipe New.

The Drawback

Wipe New comes with specific instructions in order to apply the product to your car or other vehicle. You must apply Wipe New in the shade and you have to wait 24 hours after application for the product to fully dry. You have to apply it in the shade because if you do not, then the product will dry too rapidly and the layers will look lumpy. Direct sunlight is also too harsh on the product for it to work properly. You also have to wait 24 hours to touch it with your hands, water, or dust. If you touch it before 24 hours have passed, then you will get the product on your hands and it will be removed from the vehicle. If you put water on it, then the product will wash off. If dust gets on it, then the particles will stick to the surface. This is not a huge drawback, since many car detailing products already require these precautions.


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Wipe New Limited Offer

Wipe New is a car restoring product that will not fade away quickly. Many customers recommend this product. If you are interested in purchasing Wipe New, then I suggest ordering it from the official website in order to avoid getting a copycat product that does not produce the same results. If you order it from their site, then it will cost around $20.00, and you will also get a bottle that is double the size of the normal one as a free bonus, along with an extra detailing kit. Let us know if Wipe New really works like the producer claims!

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